Income Gaps

Get this. Child Poverty Action is complaining that Working for Families “would widen the income gap between working families and beneficiaries”.

Now let’s think about this. They are saying that it is a *bad* thing that if a parent is working in a job, that they will earn more money than if they were just on a benefit?

I say the income gap between not working and working should be increased. I say you want an incentive for people to be working. On this issue I am with the Government. This is not about slashing the income of families on benefits. They have had a considerable increase in assistance also. It is about saying we want to also help low income families with working parents even more, so an incentive to work remains.

“Ultimately work is the best way out of poverty and provides the best social and economic outcomes for families in the long run,” is a true statement – even when said by David Benson-Pope.

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