Is the Herald on Sunday legally a pimp now?

I reported yesterday on how the Herald on Sunday had a reporter and photographer lie to and/or deceive Mick Jagger for four days, just so they could get a story. Now there is no doubt that they would have planned for a situation where Jagger hit on the girls and tried to sleep with them. I mean if one is prepared to cajole Jagger into posing for a photo *after* he has just said he has got burnt in the past by them appearing in newspapers, and then you go ahead and of course publish the photo, there doesn’t seem to be many ethical considerations at play.

What I am more interested in is the legal status, if we assume that the Herald on Sunday and their staff were prepared to sleep with Jagger for the sake of a story. Let’s look at the official OSH regulations for the NZ sex industry.

Commercial sexual services, in terms of the Prostitution Reform Act, means sexual services that: