Solomon Islands

I’m starting to get nervous over our involvement in the Solomons. I am sure we are there with excellent motivations and like the Aussies probably figure we have to get involved or it will be even worse.

However when I see ANZAC troops arresting Opposition MPs, I wonder how certain we are we are on the “good guys” side – if there is one.

Are we certain the election results were 100% legit?

Who ordered the arrest of Opposition MPs for involvement in the riots? Will the arrested MPs be able to vote on the no confidence motion in the Government? Was it an independent prosecutor or police force or the Government? Did we ask to see proof of involvement before our troops helped arrest people?

I’m hoping the answers to all these, and more, questions are fine. But when we place our troops under the effective control of a foreign government, just days after a contested election – well it is no surprise you see opposition figures on the TV news saying they regard our troops as partisan etc.

This has the potential to get very messy.

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