Suppression Order Breaches

The NZ Herald notes that one of the sites posting suppressed material has deleted the material, and many related comments. There are still two other sites not conforming last time I checked. I’ve only had to delete/edit one comment here in the last 24 hours.

The Dominion Post editorial is on the issue also. They note “that suppression orders are harder to enforce at a time when the World Wide Web makes hitherto secret information known to those with access to it”.

It is worth making the point that it is not just the WWW. There have been several breaches of the suppression orders (well assuming they are correct) on local Usenet groups which are shared on 10,000 or so servers world-wide.

Also I suspect e-m ail and instant messaging has been used in a less public way to share the information, just as workmates have done over morning tea face to face.

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