West Wing Election Result

All details after the break, for spoiler reasons.

God this was the saddest episode ever. Worse than when Colonel Henry Blake died in MASH. The death of Leo McGarry dominated the second part of the two-part Election Day episodes.

He was found by Annabeth and rushed to hospital. At first people believe like last time he will survive the heart attack. But the absolute tear jerker is when Josh arrives at the hospital, and is told by a distraught Annabeth that Leo has been pronounced dead. They compete to look devastated, forlorn and miserable – one has lost her partner (it has been strongly implied that Annabeth and Leo were together) and one his political father.

Just as you are coping with that you have CJ tell President Bartlett while trying to keep it together. And in the background Margaret trying to look stoic.

Seriously guys and gals have lots of tissues at hand for this episode. It is beyond sad. Later on Donna finds Josh in Leo’s hotel room just staring at the wall, with Leo’s glasses sitting in the table.

Oh yes almost as an after-thought, the election goes to the wire and all comes down to Nevada (Santios wins Texas, and Vinick California). And Santos wins 272 – 266!

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