West Wing Transition

Now don’t read over the break if you want to wait to see it yourself in a few months or years!

Yay in episode 19, called transition, Sam is back!!

Just like he did eight years ago Josh turns up to pull him out of a lawyers meeting (he obviously did not win the seat in Congress). And I love seeing Sam looking impeccably dressed and Josh ruffled as always. Josh wants Sam as Deputy Chief of Staff – to be his Josh to him being Leo. Sam comes to DC to talk about it, and Josh introduces him to the office as the new Deputy Chief of Staff before he has accepted.

We see staff stumbling with calling Santos Sir instead of Congressman and Donna gets Helen aghast when she calls her M’am. Helen asks. Donna to be her Chief of Staff which if she accepts makes the relationship with Josh as mirroring their principals.

Appointments look to be Ainsley Hayes as White House Counsel and Oliver Babich as Attorney-General. Lou looks to be Communications Director.

And finally Josh is almost breaking down with lack of rest so Sam forces him on holiday, and he gets Donna to go with him – this ending the speculation as to whether they will manage to stay together.

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