Why it’s good to be blue!

Reading this post from Maia, it reminds me why it is so good to be blue.

1) We don’t hold protests outside the US Embassy (well only in support of free trade anyway)

2) If we do hold such a protest, no-one gets offended if some-one says “one thing they could do with was women”.

3) If someone did get offended, then they would not in turn be attacked for trying to impose their middle class values on the working class protesters

4) And even if that had all happened, then one would not attack the person attacking the person who got offended for stereotyping middle class and working class people

5) And even if all the above had happened, we certainly wouldn’t then post all about it on Indymedia.

6) And then we wouldnot have had 30 further posts debating:
* Is calling people ‘middle class’ political slander?
* Is there a moral aversion to working class culture e.g. eating meat and using certain swear words
* whether one should changing choice of cuss words to ones that dont involve specific denigrating references to female genitalia or the subservient position of women in society

Oh yes it is much easier being blue.

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