Organ Donation

I don’t see why doctors are so against the sensible bill by Jackie Blue which prevents families of the deceased from over-riding organ donation decisions made by said deceased.

If Jane Smith decides to be an organ donor and dies, then her husband or children shouldn’t be able to over-ride that decision to donate.

Even more strangely, the Intensive Care Society has said it is opposed to the bill but refuses to explain why in detail before Wednesday’s debate. Weird. We are against this law, and don’t want MPs to vote for it – but we won’t say why!

I am also surprised by the statement that:

“Very few doctors would enforce organ donation, even if the patient had signed a register, when faced with a grieving family who are opposed to it.”

I would have thought doctors were ethically obliged to help sick people, and if someone had agreed to donate organs, they have no choice but to follow their wishes regardless of the family’s wishes.

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