Tax Facts

The latest key tax facts is worth a look at.

Those earning over $60,000 a year, the despised “rich” whom Dr Cullen increased the tax rate on because they weren’t contributing enough money, the bludgers who had an envy tax put on them when there was no fiscal need to do so. Yep we recall them.

Well they now pay 51% of all income tax. Yep the top 12% pay over half. The top 3% pay over one quarter of all income tax. Bet you Aussie has just started to look better for them.

We also see how a couple with three children will receive social welfare from the Government right up until their income is $93,760. Yes all you single people who did not get a tax cut – it is going to your Catholic lawyer as family assistance. Never mind he or she is earning twice as much as you.

Even couples with only one sole child get family assistance up until around $70,000. The Government giveth and the Government teketh away!

I would rather the Government just leaveth some more!

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