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The main NZ Herald article is here. A seperate story on how someone leaked the Cabinet paper to Telecom just a few hours after it was approved is here.

Positive reaction to the changes are in this article while critics get their own story here!

In the opinion columns, NZ Herald Technology Editor Peter Nowak praises the reforms saying:

After years of ineffectively regulating telecommunications and allowing itself to be hoodwinked by Telecom, the Government has finally got it right. For consumers, its plan to break the company’s monopoly is monumental, bold and far-reaching, and it should do much to erase New Zealand’s international reputation as the developed world’s backward country cousin.

John Armstrong also describes the decision as being “the political equivalent of extracting a very sore tooth”.

Armstrong says there will be squeals but Labour should hold their nerve. I agree.

Christopher Niesche catches onto a point which has escaped some – that structural seperation is still a live option.

The NZ Herald have done very very well to get over half a dozen stories written for today’s paper considering the decision came at 5.15 p.m.

Computer World has a handy time-line of when various things will happen. People should remember there is a lot more than just unbundling here. A full story on the details is also on the Computer World site.

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