The mad monarchist

Oh this is hilarious. Mr Bill Wilmot has a monarchist blog (which frankly probably scares more people off the monarchy than Camilla does) and many people will know Lewis Holden has his Republican blog.

Well Mr Wilmot has decided to play super sleuth and expose Lewis. So after some detective workj worthy of Sherlock Holmes, or maybe the Pink Panther, he reveals that Lewis is a Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development and hence a Labour Party hack (as all civil servants are according to Wilmot).

The only problem with this fine detective work is that Lewis is not the Deputy Secretary of . That is just someone with the same name. Our Lewis is a student at VUW.

So how stupid does this make Mr Wilmot?

The part I can’t wait for is his promise to “write more on other members of the ‘ movement’ front orgainization, and to expose their links to the Labour party”. Please, please pick me next.

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