Auckland Power Cut

I generally don’t have a problem with power cuts in Auckland. The last big one lasted two months and did wonders for Wellington as a place to live 🙂

However this morning I am not happy. My ISP Ihug is not recognising my broadband connection, presumably because of the problem. And then when I called them the lines were engaged (and it seems no-one can take the calls anyway as power cut has hit the call centre).

So I then tried my old 56K dialup with Ihug. It allowed me in, allowed me to clear my mail, and check out the Ihug MOTD. However I can’t access any website beyond the Ihug network!

So finally I succumbed and am now using my backup Xtra dialup account – which is working very nicely.

But as recently I have been e-mailing around 100 MBs a day of files (and yes all wok related) I really hope I can be back on broadband before long as 100 MB on 56Kb would take over four hours to send!!

Monday is normally the day I do my grocery shopping. Looking at weather outside I think I might survive off tinned food for another day, rather than go outside.

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