I knew they couldn’t keep Keith quiet for-ever

As reliable as ever, the only thing surprising about Keith Locke’s statement on the deported Yemeni, is that it took him two days to escape from his minders.

Keith has said (and to be fair, this is very restrained for him):

“I’d be a bit annoyed if just based on circumstantial evidence he was kicked out.

Everyone deserves that their case be considered on the facts, not on an unhappy meeting of coincidences or circumstances.”

For one to accept Ali is just a victim of coincidence, you have to accept:

1) It was a coincidence he flatted with the terrorist who flew a plane into the Pentagon.

2) Despite living together, he had no idea at all, of what his flatmate was planning.

3) That while he was known for giving extremists statements at his old mosque, he didn’t really mean it.

4) That his change of behaviour from extremist Muslim to not even attending a local Mosque was a genuine change of heart, and not just a ploy which just happened to match the Al Qaeda training manual.

5) That his decision to want to be a commercial pilot, is genuine, despite the fact that with his background he would be unemployable in most countries.

Ali is not a New Zealander, he is not a refugee or asylum seeker. We owe no duty to him, and I 100% back David Cunliffe’s decision to deport him without appeal. This is not a case of proof to put someone in jail, this is a case of the circumstances are too suspicious to risk keeping him here.

Now some people may say, but what if really does want to be a pilot, and what if he really was just an innocent flatmate of the guy who flew into the Pentagon?

My response is, well life is tough sometimes. The reality is that from the moment his flatmate flew into the Pentagon, being a pilot was no longer a career choice for him. Let me give an analogy.

Say you flat with that nice psychiatrist Dr Hannibel Lecter. You get on well, enjoy many a meal together. You have no idea he was a psychopathic cannibal and the dinner parties you both held, included human body parts.

Now after Dr Lecter gets arrested, then your plans of becoming a restaurant chef are no longer viable. It’s tough because you had no idea what your flatmate was doing, but no-one will want to eat in a restaurant where Dr Lecter’s flatmate is the cook, just as no-one would want to be on a plane where the pilot used to live with someone who flew a 747 into the Pentagon.

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