Immigration Discrimination

Sigh – the Human Rights Commission is opposing some of the proposed changes to immigration law, claiming one should not discriminate on the grounds of health.

They miss the point that in deciding who gets to be a New Zealander, we should and must discriminate. This is not a random lottery – we want the best and brightest. We discriminate on age (does anyone want to argue for allowing 95 year olds to move here), we discriminate on education (we need skilled and semi-skilled migrants, not labourers) and we of course should discriminate on health (we want healthy migrants who will be able to work, pay taxes etc).

We also discriminate on things such as criminal record and wealth etc.

The HRC also says airlines should not be fined if they fail to stop people entering the country on false documents as allegedly this would undermine our commitment to protect asylum seekers.

They again miss the point that we have no obligation or commitment to any asylum seeker until they are on NZ territory.

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