Major error in Dom Post editorial

The Dom Post editorial‘s lead sentence is:

In the months since Wellington Central MP Marian Hobbs said she would not contest the 2008 election, she has kept a remarkably low profile, The Dominion Post writes in an editorial.

Now the problem with this, is that Marian has not made any such announcement. For obvious reasons I would be keeping a track of such things, but just in case I missed it I just checked with a Labour source and he confirmed he in unaware of any announcement. So I think we can conclude the Dom Post got it wrong.

Incidentially I agree with the sentinment in their editorial, that Wellington lacks clout when all their MPs come from the one major party, and that a mixture of parties gives you more clout.

They actually make a second mistake when they say:

“All its electorate MPs are Labour”

Peter Dunne hasn’t been a Labour MP since 1994.

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