Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali

The Herald have a nice scoop, revealing that in February this year Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali was admitted to NZ on a student visa. Last week he was deported immediately as a threat to national security.

Ali flatted in Phoenix in 2001 with Hani Hanjour, one of the 9/11 terrorist pilots. Ali was here to further his training so he could become a commercial pilot!!

Ali has been reported in the 9/11 Commission report as giving extremist speeches at the mosque.

It is appalling that he entered the country without challenge by the Immigration Service. This is a huge blow to their credibility and I suspect both the Opposition and other countries will want to see an inquiry into how this happened. No wonder they can’t find Osama bin Laden in Pakistan or Afghanistan – he’s probably also here on a student visa!

On the positive side, I do commend the Government for using the draconian S72 to deport him without recourse to appeal. This is the sort of situation it is designed for.

No doubt Green MP Keith Locke will shortly come out and attack the Govt for deporting him, saying he should be free to become a pilot, and it is just coincidence his former flatmate was also training to be a pilot and decided to fly planes into large buildings.

This just reinforces to me, how global the conflict between the radical Islam and the rest of the world is.

UPDATE: The Government has just done a release.

UPDATE2: Story now on Jihad Watch and Little Green Footballs. JW makes the point that his behaviour in NZ was entirely in line with the Al-Qaeda manual for how to pass as a secular, assimilated Muslim with no interest in religion.

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