Southpark complaints rejected

Yay. Just read (not online yet) that the BSA has rejected all the complaints against the “Bloody Mary” episode of Southpark.

“The BSA acknowledged the degree of offence taken from this episode, noting that the broadcaster later undertook not to screen the episode again. But the Authority held that the broadcast of the overtly satirical programme, while clearly distasteful to the complainants, was protected by the Bill Of Rights Act 1990.”

They get it exactly right when they say:

Were the Authority to uphold the complaint, this would amount to a statement that broadcasters who offer satire, humour and drama _ may not offend against the religious convictions of others_That, in the view of the Authority, would be an unreasonable limitation of a broadcaster’s right to free speech, which includes the right to satirise religious issues.

It would have been an awful precedent if they had upheld the complaints. I’m very pleased with the BSA for this.

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