Treaty Deadline Legislation

I think we know how totally unenthusiastic Labour is about actualling bring the treaty historical grievance process to an end, when the legislation to set a deadline is snuck in as part of a omnibus bill without even an announcement.

This was one of their (taxpayer funded) pledges on their pledge card. They roared it during the campaign, but now seem ashamed of it.

Anyway the proposed deadline is 1 September 2008 (the date being a few weeks prior to the 2008 election campaign) for claims relating to events before 21 September 1992.

The bill allows claims to be amended after the deadline, so in fact may provide little certainity at all. As an example Ngai Farrar could lodge a historical claim for Thorndon and then some years later say “Oh I forgot to say I also claim Turoa skifield”

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