Drunk Girls

Drunk Girls can be very amusing sometimes. Last night as I am watching DVDs with friends I get not one but around 12 phone calls from Drunk Girl 1. Eventually I agree after DVDs to pick up DG1 from the pub and drop her home.

On the way to picking up, get further phone call asking if I can drop her friends off also. I agree and then find out later that this means I am doing drop offs from Miramar to Whitby!!

Then in car we have Drunk Girl 2 on back seat. She is fascinated by the large box I have on it and decides it must be presents for her. Despite my insistence that the box contains nothing intersting she insists it must.

So for several minutes DG2 rips it open, removes all the packing, and finally gets to the contents. She then loudly complains that the presents are just some supermarket survey forms!! I am berated for my boring presents.

Finally get home close to midnight and with a back seat full of survey forms and packing paper!

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