Psychotherapists on S59

Ha – this NZPA report on the Psychotherapists submission on S59 is amusing.

First of all they try to argue that the biblical proverb “spare the rod and spoil the child” doesn’t refer to hitting people with a rod, as in biblical times the rod was used to guide and point people in the right direction, not “thrash” them.

I must have missed the point at which the Society of Psychotherapists became biblical and theological experts. Perhaps they have repressed memories from a prior life living with Moses.

Incidentially the better argument against the biblical proverb isn’t to try and argue it means something it clearly doesn’t, but to point out the bible also called for killing people who work on the sabbath, and times change.

But the other gem from the Psychotherapists was linking French football captain Zinedine Zidane’s head butting of an Italian player who was taunting him, with smacking of children. Yes, seriously – they did!

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