The Clown Fucks Up

Good God – so much for giving him a chance. I really tried. I blogged on Tuesday a very fair article saying one shouldn’t judge Peters harshly if he doesn’t pull off a “win” with Condi. I even pointed out the McCain meeting was as important, and that Peters has the advantage of having already met him, so could do well there.

But what does the stupid little clown do. He acts like a five year old in front of the big boys, and interrupts John McCain, while McCain was talking up a US-NZ Free Trade Agreement. Why? To play media manager and punish the media or something.

Good God, you’re meant to be the Foreign Minister of New Zealand, and you let your feud with the media over-ride any common sense. The future President of the United States is praising NZ, and you cut him off just to punish the media. Plus you have been playing hide and seek all day with One News and other media. God, just grow up.

It’s already been picked up by The Australian.

UPDATE: The Press Editorial this morning is well titled: Walking the poodle

Also NewstalkZB are already reporting it may have damaged relations, and that Peters is making it worse by sulking further and cancelling the post meeting press conference.

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