Tim Selwyn jailed

It was with sadness I saw the e-mailed to me this afternoon that got sentenced to jail for two months for his sedition conviction. That is a very heavy price to pay for a “press release”.

He also has been sentenced to a further 15 months in prison in relation to a ten year old . I’m slightly puzzled by that, with some details provided by Bomber Bradbury on Tim’s blog.

It is weird and sad to think of Tim seventeen months in jail. Not that I have ever met Tim, but as a blogger he has generally been a polite and sensible adviocate for his views. I hope he is eligible for home detention as I certainly don’t see society being at any risk unless he is behind bars every night.

Having said that, Tim has done some pretty stupid things over the years, and may this mark the end of that chapter in his life.

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