Two new TV Shows

Two new TV shows this week. The BBC brings us Extras, featuring Ricky Gervais of The Office fame, while HBO gives us Big Love – the story of a man with three wives.

I’ve actually been watching Big Love for a couple of months, thanks to my usual US friend who posts me a VHS of it, and have been raving about it to many of my friends. So not 100% new to me, but still good to see it on the screen here.

Big Love reinforces an old joke I can recall – “What is the definition of Bigamy – one wife too many, what is the definition of monogamy – the same thing” 🙂

Seeing all the little tensions between the wives, kept beneath a polite veneer, is wonderful. And even stuff such as why he wears PJs to bed with one wive but is naked with another increases the tension. Highly recommended.

Extras is not as sidesplittingly funny as The Office (which literally was painful to watch sometimes) but it is damn good viewing. I’ve set My Sky to record the series.

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