Was it the father?

Looking at the various media stories on the Kahui twins murder, I’m starting to suspect that the media believe it is the father.

I hasten to add that I have no first hand knowledge of the deaths, and my musinsg here are based on logical deductions from media stories, not from evidence or statements. Anyway having made those disclaimers, here’s why I’m starting to think it is the father:

1) The aunts have said it is a male

2) The aunts are related to the mother, which makes it more likely they would dob in someone not a blood relative

3) If the killer was anyone except a parent, then wouldn’t the parents be leaving no stone unturned finding out who killed their baby?

4) The grandmother has said the killer is female, which may be a tactic to divert attention from the father – who is her son.

5) After the aunts said it was a male, media reports referred to a no comment from the lawyer for the father. This is an old journalistic trick of pointing out who they think did it, without actually naming them.

So my pick is the media have concluded it is the father, and the statements to date seem to support this. I may be wrong of course – time will tell.

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