A jew hater and stalker

Nic Miller has set up his own blog, where he declares:

Jews, Judaism and the Israeli people are not welcome in this country. Jews are a slap in the face to the human race.

Nor normally I would say Mr Miller is a retard looking for attention, and is best ignored. However one can only be concerned that he is publishing names, addresses, phone numbers and house photos of several Jewsih individuals in Wellington. This is not illegal, but clearly intended to intimidate.

Mr Miller was in court last year, over an alleged assault on three Somalis.

UPDATE: Well that was quick. The four posts with photos and details of Wellington Jews have been removed in the last couple of hours.

UPDATE2: The site is the lead story for the Sunday News. Miller adds to his collection of quotes with “They should have been exterminated” and “Jews being in is harassment to me. They do not belong here.”

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