Favouring the left

Jordan continues to push Labour’s line that their reward for illegally spending $450,000 of taxpayer funds should be being given even more taxpayer money to spend.

In his post Jordan alludes to the real reasons why supports this. It “favours the left”.

I also especially enjoy Jordan claiming that National is against public funding of parties because it has fewer activists. National has a membership many many times greater than Labour. And it gets a lot of money from those members because they choose to belong to National.

So when Jordan claims it is about fairness, it is about “favouring the left”. They can’t handle that more people belong to National and donate to National, so they want to force National voters to also fund Labour.

The other irony is that everything Jordan rails against – large corporate donations, anon donations, third party campaigns – are things his party does in spades. His moral high ground would be so much higher if he told Mike Williams to stop accepting $500,000 donations from foreigners.

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