Freedom Forum Day 1

The Forum kicked off on Thursday evening. A friend of ours is on the Schwarznegger campaign and rang the day before to say he could get us in to a meeting with not just the Governator but also Time Man of the Year, Rudy Guliarni. Thw two highest profile “liberal Republicans” in the . Sounded perfect. But alas we couldn’t get down to Santa Monica in time for it. A real pity as would have been great to meet either man, let alone both of them.


The Forum started off with an informal welcome and drinks on the roof of the Centre in Santa Barbara, It was a lovely California evening, with great views of the town and the beach.


Patrick Brown (Canadian MP) Paul Gourley (Federal Chairman, US College Republicans) and Nicole Hopman (one of the organisers)


Friends from Taiwan. Their party has just been accepted as a member of the International Young Democrat Union


Finns (Nine from Finland here) and an American


Starting to get darker. Americans and Canadians.


A of the welcome letter from President Bush.

There are just over 100 people attending the Forum this year – a big increase over its inaugural year. A wide variety of MPs, officials and activists.

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