InSPire Net

Blog readers will have noticed that huge improvements in speed in both reading the site, and also making comments. This is due to the kind sponsorship of InSPire Net, who not only have taken over hosting of the site and its not inconsiderable traffic, but they also spent many hours working on resolving problems as we transferred over from the old host. ’m also indebted to Gordon K who has also spent many hours keeping the old host alive as my traffic volumes crashed it almost daily, and for his work in upgrading the software and moving the site.

If readers think the comments go through much quicker now, then reflect on what it has been like for me when making blog posts. They used to take sometimes 10 – 15 minutes to post. I would often spend hours just trying to blog a couple of stories and a site rebuild could take half a day! You’ve probably noticed I’m blogging far more stories a day now, because it all works so much quicker.

Anyway if hadn’t come to the party, then this blog would have ended up hosted in the States – and that would have been a pity as bandwidth is clogged enough as it is, without NZ content moving overseas. So a big thanks to InSPire Net, and naturally my encouragement that anyone looking for an ISP or web host, check them out.

Their banner takes pride of place above the normal Google Ads. And oh yeah feel free to click on those also 🙂

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