Joe Lieberman

It is likely that the US Democrats will gain control of the House and maybe the Senate later this year. However the growing power of the hard left “Kos” faction may yet prove to be their Achilles Heel.

2000 VP Candidate Joe Lieberman has just lost the primary for his senate seat, and will now stand as an independent. His crime is to be a against pulling out of Iraq (the same position as Hillary Clinton). I regard it as a sad day when the Democrats have effectively said “You can’t disagree with us on Iraq and remain a member of this party”. Many on the “right” in the US disagree with the GOP position on the war, but are not hounded from the party.

It will be interesting to see if Clinton is now targeted to change her position on Iraq. If she doesn’t she may fail to get the nomination. But if she does, she may make herself unelectable at the main election.

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