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Jordan Carter has had lots of advice for National on how its current focus on corruption in Labour won’t work. Some quotes:

As for the rest, the simmering anger from the opposition won’t have been diminished by landing no real blows in Parliament this week. The tide has begun to turn on the election funding issues,

It is that fundamental political integrity which people understand and which drives Labour’s continued high public support, along with the record breaking popularity ratings of Helen Clark.

I suspect much the same result is likely – i.e. no payoff for National other than them trending ever more towards looking unfit to govern the country.

National’s obsessive focus on side issues isn’t paying off for that party politically.

His colleague Tony Milne has also been full of advice:

Thank goodness people are not paying attention to this issue,

National are simply trying to score political points but don’t have a case. Not that that message is getting through from the media.

Oh, yes for those who missed it, today’s Herald Digi-poll now has Labour 8% behind National.

But there is good news for Labour. If they come out and make an unequivocal statement on Taito Phillip Field (along the lines of what the unions are now saying) and also agree to respect the law in terms of electoral and parliamentary funding, then I suspect it will go back to neck and neck.

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