The pressure mounts

I am very pleased to see Labour’s Pacific Vice-President call for Field to go, as it restores credibility to a key group.

No, not of course who are beyond redemption, but the PI community. Former Labour PM Mike Moore has now twice spoken out on his deep concern that some members of an ethnic minority seem to automatically rush to defend one of their MPs, even when they have done very bad things – Awatere-Huata is the other example. Such automatic defences, regardless of the merits of the case, are what lead to a lessening of respect for that group.

Tapu Misa writes defending the PI community against Moore’s claims, and I have sympathy for her position that there is no sole community view etc. The problem I suppose is that the only PI views the media have reported to date have been defending him. Incidentally Tapu Misa also speaks a lot of sense on the religion in schools issue – well worth a read.

The Press also reports on the Labour Pacific VP calling for Field to go. I find it fascinating that despite being a Party Vice-President she is not having her calls returned by the President or Leader. Not a healthy sign. Taue also knocks through the spin from Clark that it is up to the party to take action against Field, and nothing to do with her. Taue points out the reality is Clark and the President will decide.

And finally the Press Editorial today is called “Field must go” which really sums it all up.

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