The Reagan Library

On Day III we travelled by bus to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Now this is open to the public, unlike the ranch.

Every US President since Calvin Coolidge has had a presidential library and they are invaluable to historians and the public. There are 16 libraries in total.


We travelled up by bus – around a 5 minute trip. There’s something about bus charters which sets people off singing and had a very amusing time listening to Finnish and other chants.


This is a section of the Berlin Wall which was gifted to the Reagan Library. It only has grafitti on one side, because of course on the eastern side you would be shot dead if you approached the wall.


The view from the back of the Library, where Reagan is buried. I joked that I would like to be buried with such a view one day. Someone suggested they don’t even have to wait for me to die to arrange that 🙂


The memorial to Reagan on top of his crypt. Nancy Regan will be buried there also when she dies.


The Library includes a full-scale replice Oval Office. They don’t let you sit in the chair though!


We got to go on an old Air Force One. No photos allowed inside, but got to see the rooms the President and senior staff had etc.


An old Marine One.


Afterwards we finished up the Forum with talks from the Heritage Foundation (a highly influential DC thinktank) and a Canadian pollster. Afterwards walked back to the hotel along the beach.

Santa Barabara is a beautiful place. Sunny, spacious and hot.

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