Clark on Davis

I felt very sad last night watching the news. The Prime Minister should never have to be answering questions on her husband’s sexuality, and I genuinely felt sorry for her for having to do so.

I wonder what the hell the SST was thinking in running the story, and making it their front page lead. Sure Investigate Magazine had an article on the election night kiss, but that didn’t mean it was newsworthy. When Investigate did a cover story on Clark’s own sexuality, it was ignored by the other media. When they did their July issue regarding an alleged US incident, it was ignored by all other media. And this latest issue covered something that had already been shown on TV a year ago.

I think hard questions should be asked of the SST as to why they dragged the PM’s husband into this. They need a better answer than “it was in Investigate”.

Now the PM of course is trying to blame National for this. While of course there has been gossip as there always is, I refer people to Guyon Espiner on TVNZ last night who said that of all the many people who have raised this issue with him, none of them have been a National MP or affiliated to National.

In the Dom Post Clark specifically blames National and the Brethren. Now as I have said the National link is not there (I know National have been very careful in avoiding the Investigate story, have not asked any OIAs or PQS to verify it etc) but I have also heard that the Brethren have been involved in spreading the rumours. if correct they should be condemned for this and quite frankly told to piss off. Some-one needs to tell the Brethren the best contribution they could make to politics is to stay away from it.

Now because Ian Wishart, the Brethren and National all oppose Labour, some may be inclined to think they are allied together and each responsible for what the other does. The best analogy I can think of is between Churchill and Stalin in WWII. Sure they were all determined to beat the Nazis, but this didn’t make Churchill responsible for what Stalin did. And no I am not calling Labour Nazis – this is just an analogy.

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