Why there will never be peace in the Middle East

I almost fell off the couch with laughter when watching the TV News last night. As many will have seen, some Muslims have been offended by the Pope’s remarks about Islam, where he quoted a former Pope as basically saying it is evil to convert people by teh sword – ie he was speaking out against violence.

Now what was hilarious wasn’t even the irony that violent protests and death threats are the response to a speech against violence. No it was the banners and chants.

You see TV news reported that thousands filed into the straeets to chant “Death to Israel, Death to the USA”.

Yes that is right. The Pope offends Muslims, and the response is “Death to Israel”!!! I know they have these wacky conspiracy theories that the Jews control most things, but do they really think the Jews control the Roman Catholic Church???

And death to the USA?? I could understand Death to Italy or even Death to Germany, but Death to the USA because of what a German Pope says?

After spending several minutes laughing at the TV screen, I finally realised there will never ever be peace in the . “Death to Israel” is just the knee-jerk chant and solution to every problem.

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