Muldoon strikes again

Oh this is getting ridiculous. Helen Clark again just makes up allegations and throws them about. Her latest was on radio this morning where she accused the Darnton v Clark lawsuit of being secretly funded by National

I’m sorry but this is one paranoid delusion too far. Whether Clark is acting as Muldoon and just sneaking to smear anyone who criticises her Government, or whether she has a Hillary Clinton type paranoia which has convinced her there is some vast right wing conspiracy I just don’t know. But media need to start asking Clark to front up with proof of her bizarre theories.

Anyway, just for the sake of poor paranoid Helen, let’s repeat one more time – “there is no vast right wing conspiracy”.

And good to see NZPA reporting the Libertarianz response to Clark:

“Of course, the question is not how we have the money to hire QCs… The question is how the Prime Minister got the money to pay for her pledge cards.”

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