Police say PM was followed!

The Police have confirmed that the PM and/or her husband were followed in an incident they investigated. How-ever it wasn’t the Brethren behind it but a media organisation!!!

The Police won’t name the media organisation, but I am sure they would have informed the PM of the identity. So hopefully the PM will name the media organisation involved.

Now we are not allowed to place bets over the Internet, but if we were allowed to, here’s what my odds would be on which media organisation it is:

Investigate Magazine 3:1
Sunday Star-Times 5:1
Sunday News 7:1
Herald on Sunday 9:1
TV 3 12:1
Dominion Post 15:1
NZ Herald 20:1
Newstalk ZB 25:1
The Press 30:1
Live 50:1
New Zealand 400:1
New Zealand 500:1

Denials from said media organisations are welcome and will be accepted!

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