The Empire Strikes Back

I’m glad to see I was not the only one who felt uneasy reading the Dominion Post headline “Labour strikes back at sect“, detailing how the Government is looking to strip the Exclusive Brethren of law exemptions in response to their foray into politics.

It has all the overtones of a vengeful Government seeking to punish a group simply because they campaigned against them in an election. It’s a style of politics we don’t see overtly in New Zealand, or not until now.

idiot at No Right Turn and Greenie Phil U share the sense of discomfort.

I actually disagree with the law having a faith based exemption. Just as I don’t want power stations not built because of the spiritual life-flow of rivers, I don’t want some people to have a different employment law because of their religious belief.

But the way the Government plays it as an issue of revenge is what makes a lot of people nervous. As we already see a Government which believes it is above the law and will attack anyone who threatens it (including the Auditor-General), this is just another symptom of a sick culture.

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