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I was going to do the normal summary and extracts from stories, columns and editorials, but National Home have already done it so go read.

I agree with them that there was a startling difference between TV One and Three news last night. TV One played it straight and reported on Brash, reported a poll and then had commentary from Espiner.

TV Three was to be blunt pretty disgraceful. They mixed in opinion and reporting all the way through. They asserted as fact things very much in contention, and their whole story was almost a campaign against Brash.

The editorials today are pretty negative on whether Brash will stay on. My view, as I expressed on Agenda, is that with an election two years away, nothing is going to happen too soon – people are going to wait to see where the story goes, how the polls move, and how well and Brash do when the House resumes in four weeks.

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