You’re all wrong

Jordan Cater helpfully explains on his blog why everyone except Helen is wrong. Go read.

The media it seems are maliciously working with National to make look bad. I especially like the part where Jordan insists the pledge cards did not solicit votes. A pity Mike Williams has said it formed the centre-piece of Labour’s re-election campaign.

But forget that. As Jordan says the fact 81% of people want Labour to pay back the pledge card is due to “lazy hacks and malicious bloggers”.

These lazy hacks must of course include the Editors of the Sunday Star-Times, Dom Post, Press and Herald who have all called for it to be paid back.

Jordan also tells the media that they must stop referring to ‘unlawful’ spending. Yes, of course. After all who are the Solictor-General and Auditor-General anyway and what would they know.

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