Manukau City Council Prostitution Bill

This bill was defeated 46-73 yesterday. The bill would have given one local authority the powers to not comply with the laws passed a couple of years ago on prostitution.

No Right Turn has the details of how each MP voted. I always find it interesting, even though it is a personal vote, to collate them by party.

Labour voted four votes in favour and 45 against. The four in favour were Hawkins, Field, Swain and Robertson.

National voted 31 in favour and 16 against. Against were Paula Bennett, Blumsky, Brash, Connell, Finlayson, Goodhew, Hayes, Henare, McCully, Power, Rich, Simich, Lockwood Smith, te Heuheu, Wong and Worth.

No other party split their votes. As expected NZ First and United Future block voted in favour and the Greens, ACT and Maori Party block voted against. Oh yeah can’t call Progressive a block vote but they voted against.

I’m quite pleased with the National vote as it indicates the “liberal” segment in Caucus is less anaemic than before the last election. Not that everyone voting against is liberal – some may just not like exemptions for one council, but it is a healthy sign. I should point out that I in no way want a Caucus where it is 100% “liberal” (in the classical sense) as National’s strength comes from being a broad church of conservative and liberal values. It’s about having a sound mix.

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