Not even a hint of contrition

A One News Colmar Brunton poll has found 49% of NZers say their trust in has dropped due to the election spending scandal, including 28% of Labour’s own voters/supporters.

In her conference speech she referred to the Auditor-General’s findings as a “dodgy refereeing call made against a sports team”.

It is amazing that Labour still insist than an *election* pledge card which is the *centerpiece* of their election campaign is not an election expense. This is a detachment from reality which is bizarre.

The better sports analogy is that you’re a sports team that has a history of playing dirty. The previous two matches your foul balls were not seen by the referee and the linesman missed them also. This match, despite warnings before the match, your team went out and did the same foul again. The linesman and the referees are all in total agreement it is a foul. So do most of your own fans.

Yet you still blame the ref, not the team.

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