On another neo-nazi list

A reader has kindly pointed out to me that not only am I on the local NZ Redwatch hate lists, but I have also made an Australian list also. They have photos of me down the bottom. I can only me amused of the one wearing my Blumsky/National t-sweatshirt with me labelled as a “RED”. Yes I am a well known communist. God they really are morons.

They also have a doctored one of me with “Juden” written on my forehead. That’s German for Jew. Classy.

In terms of Halakha (Jewish law) I am of course not Jewish as you have to be born to a Jewish mother and it is on my paternal side I have Jewish ancstry. And I have never followed the Jewish religion. In fact I did not even know I had Jewish ancestry until I was a teenager.

What I find interesting though is the Nazis had a much wider defintiion. Their 1935 Nuremberg laws defined anyone with even one Jewish grandparent as Jewish enough to be killed. So under the Nuremberg laws I would have been considered a mixed blood Jew and killed.

What I didn’t realise until I looked it up yesterday is the the State of Israel uses the Nuremberg definition in terms of qualifying for a right to return, not the strict religious definition. Hence I could in fact move to Israel should I so wish. Nice to know!

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