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The HoS reports that Michael Cullen might refer allegations that National used the leader’s fund to pay for a postcard mailout by the horseracing lobby to pundits, urging them to vote National.

But don’t you love the irony of the response from the Auditor-General’s response:

Auditor-General Kevin Brady said last night he would not be looking into the postcard claims as legislation validating “everything like that” had already been passed

I’m sorry but that is priceless. Cullen’s own legislation has removed the ability of the Auditor-General to investigate. Now that’s karma for you.

For the record, if (and that is a big if) National did fund material from the leader’s fund that urged people to vote National, that is quite wrong, and the cost should be refunded, even though we are probably only taking a few hundred dollars. But until there is confirmation of the wording of any such material, the cost, and who did pay for it, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions based on the book.

UPDATE: In this SST story, it is clarified that in fact the material in question was paid for by the party, so just a beat-up.

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