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The SST has a positive review of Maori Television Service, and indeed TVNZ would love to have as many good things said about it, as MTS has.

MTS certainly have done very well to avoid the excesses of their predecessors with no financial scandals, and some sensible decisions on programming with a mixture of Maori and English language,

My one reservation is we still don’t know how worthwhile the taxpayer investment is, because the ratings figures given out are near meaningless. A cumulative monthly audience of 580,000 measures only those who switched on at least once in the month. By that measure TVNZ and TV3 would have a 3,500,000 audience. It would be good to know how many people watch it say daily and weekly and the audience for their top rating regular programme.

I watched the channel for most of ANZAC Day, and around once every three weeks might watch part of a programme on it. If Sky listed it as Channel Eight, I suspect I would view it more often as I often check out the “general” channels every few days to decide what to record.

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