The gall

Dr Cullen is complaining about National getting off “scot-free” for its GST mistake. My God does he have no shame.

Even with the GST mistake, National total election spend was only around $1,000 greater than the limit. over-spent by a whopping $800,000, still deny they did anything at all wrong, and got off scot-free. And they had to be dragged screaming and kicking into paying it off – something National had agreed to from day one.

Yes Labour overspent by 33.5%, and National by 0.55% and Cullen has the gall to talk about getting off. I do wish a journalist would ask him how he can condemn National getting “off” when Labour has got off the same thing, for 70 times as much money.

Another question to ask him is whether it is a good example for the Attorney-General to constantly encourage an organisation to deliberately break the law.

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