The Hager Book

It looks highly likely that the Hager book will be published within days, with Don Brash amenable in principle to the book being published.

It’s worth noting that the e-mails used in the book are probably a very small sub-set of the ones ilegally obtained from Dr Brash’s computer system. Only one person knows how many were copied, but it could be as high as 10,000. And while it is unfortunate he injunction may be seen as trying to block this book, I maintain it was justified to bring an end to the constant threats from Winston and Helen to reveal bits and peices at their disscretion over the next couple of years. You can’t allow that to stay hanging over you. I would even advocate having them all published now is preferable to the uncertainity of leaving Winston free to release them on his timetable.

John Armstrong calls it a Hobson’s choice. He believes the emails will be fatal for Brash. I can’t judge not having talked to people who have seen them, but the ones released to date have not been out of the ordinary.

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