More conspiracy madness

Boy do the left in the US love their conspiracies. The latest comes after a US Democratic Senator had a stroke, which if ultimately fatal might lead to the Republicans maintaining their majority in the Senate.

On the hugely watched daytime show, The View, one of the leftie panelists openly asked if the stroke could have been man-made and done to him deliberately. When challenged on this lunacy, she insisted the Republican Party was capable of murdering Senators.

This is almost a re-run of a couple of years ago when another Democratic Senator died in a plane crash, and the loonies alleged that the plane was sabotaged.

Combine that with the huge number who think that September 11 was also done by the Republican Party, not Al Qaeda, plus thought who think the voting machines are all rigged, and the worldview of these people is that the Republican Party

(a) staged the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon
(b) stole the 2002 and 2004 elections with rigged voting machines (which somehow didn’t work in 2006)
(c) shot down the plane of one US Senator
(d) poisoned another US Senator to give him a stroke

I’m just waiting for them to be also blamed for the radiation poisoning of the ex-KGB agents, and that they somehow implicated Putin for it.

Hat Tip: Tim Blair

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