Top ten TVNZ stories

TVNZ has announced its 2006 People’s choice Top 10 stories. I’m not sure if these were voted on by the public or chosen by TVNZ with reader feedback.

* Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dies
* Kahui murder
* Coldsnap freezes the south
* Maori Queen passes away.
* Don Brash resigns
* Trade Me sold to Fairfax
* Beaconsfield mine accident
* Telecom forced to unbundle
* Auditor-General’s election spending report and subsequent legislation
* Auckland power cut

Irwin’s death was one of those cultural moments like the death of Princess Diana – you remember what you were doing when you heard and it was the only topic of conversation for days. Plus of course the jokes.

The Kahui twins murder was very powerful also, and much more tragic. The tragedy of the twins dying from abuse was only beaten by the outrage that the family tried so hard to cover up who did it.

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