Brash beatup stories

The Herald and NZPA have both done major stories on the fact that shock horror Don Brash has taken a holiday, while still an MP and drawing a salary.

The headlines are only to do with Don Brash, despite Georgina Beyer beying in exactly the same scenario – she has announced her resignation but isn’t leaving until next year also. This only gets a mention at the very end of the story. A double standard for Dr Brash compared to a Labour MP.

And this is of course nothing new. Dr Brash made it very clear he “intended to spend the remainder of his time as an MP answering letters and emails and taking a holiday”. What suddenly makes this a story?

Also this of course doesn’t cost the taxpayer one cent extra as Dr Brash’s replacement MP doesn’t start getting paid until he leaves.

Beyond any doubt it does take a few weeks to tidy up an office and all loose ends, especially when you have been a party leader. Likewise I suspect the incoming MP finds it bloody useful to have time to leave their former job and prepare for becoming an MP.

Anyone who knows Don also knows that money is not a motivation. He took a massive pay drop of over $350,000 drop to become an MP, and despite being eligible hasn’t been claiming NZ Superannuation.

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