The gall!

I almost choked when I read on NZPA that President Bush has asked the new Democrat led Congress to work with him on balancing the budget within five years.

The bloody man has had six years with a Republican Congress and they have spent money like alcoholics in a brewery. They had an ideal opportunity to exercise some fiscal restraint and failed. Now expecting the Dems to help cut spending when your party failed is rather rich.

This lack of fiscal discipline, plus ethical issues, is why I am quite sanguine about the Democrats taking over Congress.

Jordan Carter obviously welcomes the change also, but goes overboard describing the Democrats as “adopting a cautious, bipartisan approach” and the Republicans having been “twelve long years of partisan madness the ‘Contract with America’ loonies imposed upon the U.S. Congress”.

Sigh, must be nice to have such a purist view.

One nice thing in the US Congress was to see America’s first Moslem Congressman sworn in with Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran. Hopefully it can serve as a powerful signal that the US is not anti-Islam, to see a Moslem elected to the Congress and able to be sworn in with their holy book.

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